Rooster Introduction

This section will cover how you can introduce a new rooster to your existing flock of hens, and a flock with existing roosters. You need to make sure that the ratio of roosters within a flock (either with hens or with other roosters) is just right to avoid domination and aggressiveness. Obviously, if you don’t have an existing flock of chickens you won’t have any problem with this. However, if you do keep other animals like cats or dogs, you need to make sure that they have separate spaces, and that your roosters are housed in enclosures or coops that your household pets can’t access to avoid injuries and predation.  

Rooster Introduction to a Flock of Hens 

If you have an existing hen collection, and you wanted to introduce a rooster for the first time, you just need to isolate the rooster for about a month just like isolating a bird. You can place him in an open enclosure or fence where the hens can see him and meet him. After a day or two, you can release the rooster into your flock of hens. Make sure that you provide a substantial amount of food for your flock to avoid competition.  

You’ll soon notice that the new rooster will easily get along with your hens, and will flirt around them. He will find food for them, protect them, and gather them at sunset. You’ll have no problem introducing a male chicken to your set of hens. You can expect to have an ongoing supply of eggs in no time! 

Rooster Introduction to a Flock with Existing Roosters 

Introducing a new rooster to your flock wherein one or more roosters are already present can be a little bit tricky. It can spell trouble for you and for your other roosters as well as hens.You need to take precaution because if roosters are together, you can expect cockfights and bloodshed.  

Make sure that every time you introduce a new rooster, you first isolate him but include around 6 to 12 hens before you release them all in your existing flock. The isolated rooster and his own set of hens should be isolated in an enclosure with enough space to roam around, but can also be seen and met with the other roosters and hens in your flock, so that they can recognize that the new rooster came with his own set of established flock. If this is not done, the old rooster will become aggressive towards the new rooster because he already claimed the flock. You may still see a few scratches even after isolating your new rooster with his own hens but it there’ll be fewer cockfights.  

The amount of space or property should also be more than enough to accommodate your flock as it can make a difference with how your existing flock will react if you introduce another rooster. Roosters are territorial animals, so to avoid cockfights when a rooster goes into another “rooster’s territory” make sure that the space is more than enough, otherwise they can get aggressive and competitive with one another. Avoid overcrowding as well. If you don’t have that much space, then ensure that the roosters have their own coops or pen.  

If you happen to own an aggressive rooster, make sure that he is have his own pen (preferably with a roof) and his own set of hens to avoid flying to another rooster’s space or stealing other rooster’s hens. Usually, there’ll be a rooster leader within the flock, if it’s already established, the ‘weak’ rooster will back down and let the strong one dominate.  

If you acquire a rooster chick, and raised them together, chances are they will spar with one another at an early age, and the more they grow, the bloodier it gets especially when they start developing spurs/beaks. If you don’t provide them with enough hens for their own, they’ll most likely kill each other even if they grew up together. They can also form a relationship once the dominant rooster is established. The dominant one will serve as the leader of the flock while the weak one will just back down and wait for a hen that’s separated from the flock. If ever the dominant rooster caught the weak rooster mating with one of his hens, he will attack and can even kill the weak one so make sure that they have their own sets to avoid such circumstances. 

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